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Pune: Senior Police Officer Indicted for disturbing reasons. Read to know more!

By Neha Mallick

An officer in Pune has been held accountable for assaulting his associate and for mistakenly firing a bullet through his service barrel which hurt another constable.

A cop has been held captive in Pune for being accused of molestation to a fellow female associate and for later supposedly warning to end his own life. Another police officer attempted to save the indicted constable when he got shot accidentally on his hand. The indicted constable goes by the name Mayur Saste. He has been shifted to the Shivajinagar’s Pune City Police headquarters.

As the statements gained by the authorities of the police station, it has been found out that Mayur Saste supposedly assaulted a female associate. After trials to save herself from his abusive behaviour, she was about to report the senior officers when Saste warned her that he would shoot himself with his service barrel.

Seeing this, another cop tried to get involved to stop Saste during which he got shot mistakenly and hurt his hand. Later, Mayur Saste was charged for the case of molestation and for attempting suicide. Pertinent sections of the Arms Act were even added to the case filed.

An investigation has been started against the indicted police officer after the complaint filed by the lady officer and the statements of the incident was given by the constables present on the day of the occurrence.

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