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Rahul Gandhi spreads misleading news to the Target Rail Ministry and Government.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that the Indian Railways earned huge profits by running special Shramik trains.

On the 25th of July, Rahul Gandhi launched another attack against the Modi government over the matter of special Shramik trains and accused the Modi Government of earning huge profits from running these trains that were meant to ferry migrant laborers back to their home states amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi shared a picture of Hindi News Paper with a misleading headline, which read, “Railways makes huge earnings through Shramik Trains”.

The news shared by Rahul Gandhi relies on the reply against RTI filed by RTI activists Ajay Bose and claimed that the Railways revenue-earning is Rs 428 crores by transporting stranded migrant workers home during the lockdown. As per the report, Indian Railways had ferried nearly 63 lakh migrant workers home since May Day and generated revenue of Rs 428 crore.

“The ‘cloud’ of the disease has arrived, people are in trouble, the anti-poor government is earning by taking benefits – by converting disaster into profit,” tweeted Rahul Gandhi.

Contrary to the claims of Rahul Gandhi that the Indian Railways earned huge profits by running special Shramik trains, the Railways has spent Rs 2,142 crore on running Shramik Special trains whereas revenue-earning is just Rs 429 crore. Rahul Gandhi, in his tweet, had spread fake news claiming that the Indian Railways earned a profit of Rs 429 while failing to grasp that the amount was ‘revenue earned’ and not profit.

According to the official data, the Railways have incurred a loss of nearly Rs 1,700 crores after it ran Shramik trains to ferry back the stranded migrant laborers from various parts of the country.

In reply to said RTI application, the Railways informed that revenue earned is Rs 428 crore till June 29 for 4,615 Shramik trains.

The national transporter also shared information regarding its expenditure, which shows that it spent Rs 3,400 per passenger per Shramik Special trains, which amounts to Rs 2,142 crore for around 63 lakh migrant workers transported in total. The Railways receive only 15 percent of expenditure of operations from states and thus the remainder 85 percent was borne by the ministry. So in point of fact, Indian Railways incurred a net loss of Rs 1714 cr till 29th June


However Rahul Gandhi, either during a hurry to attack the Modi government, didn't differentiate between ‘revenue’ and ‘profit’ or even intentionally peddling false narrative publicly.

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