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Ranchi: A case filed for the justice of a pet cat! Read to know more.

By Neha Mallick

A case has been filed in the Ranchi Police Station by an owner of a pet cat as it was found deceased near its owner’s carport on 20th of October, found by a substantial investigation by the Ranchi Police in Jharkhand. An unusual incident has arisen with the killing of a Persian cat.

The pet’s owner has lodged an ailment against the case with the complaint that his Persian pet cat has been intentionally murdered.He filed the case in the Ranchi’s Lower Bazar Police Station. The owner goes by the name Shabbir Hussain. He placed the complaint after his pet Persian cat had gone missing since 20th of October. After an elongated investigation, the cat was found dead near its owner’s carport.

Shabbir Hussain had no idea of suspicion towards any individual and hence he reached the police station for the proper way to investigate this matter. He even spoke of how he took great care of his pet with great love. After his case was filed, the Ranchi Police booked a case under sections 428 and 429 of Indian Penal Code. The criminal offence is permissive and it conforms to allegations of murder, poisoning or injuring any animal.

Hussian made it clear that he wants the culprit to be jailed and get served for his inhumane actions. He has made sure to take the case to a fair end until the death of his cat is served with justice. The Superintendent of Police of Ranchi delivered the message that further investigation related to the case is ongoing. He even mentioned that the dead cat’s body has been sent for autopsy. Also, the culprit would not be withdrawn if the cat is intentionally killed.

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