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“RBI confirmed what I have been saying for months”, Rahul Gandhi on current ‘economic disaster’

By Ankita Mohanty

“Distractions through media won’t help the poor or make the economic disaster disappear”- Rahul Gandhi on the Latest annual report by RBI whilst criticizing current government’s ‘poor’ choices.

RBI in its latest annual report indicated that the economy which is expected to contract for the first time, will take “quite some time to mend and regain” the pre-COVID momentum, like the “shock to consumption is severe” and the “poorest have been hit the hardest”. The RBI also cautioned about the loss of recovery momentum since June, with states imposing localized lockdowns.

The former Congress chief was quick to bring the issue into the light and objectively slandered the government on its poor decision-making skills. In a tweet made by Mr. Gandhi on Wednesday, he mentions that ‘distractions’ through media won’t help the poor or make the ‘economic disaster disappear’. We speculate that the tweet has been made in lights of the recent tax reform which allows big businesses with an annual turnover of up to Rs 40 lakh to have exemptions in Goods & Service Tax.

“Give money to the poor, not tax cuts to industrialists,” Gandhi said. “Restart economy by consumption” The Congress leader tweeted.

The 50-year-old politician has been quite vocal about his opinions on the worsening Indian economy. In an interview in March 2020, Rahul predicts that Indians are going to go through unimaginable pain. He compares the economic crisis to a massive tsunami and suggests that the government has no clue how to deal with it. He has been parroting the same concerns for a while now and the recent stats indicate that we need to pay some attention to them.

What do you think about it? Do you believe in the apocalyptic future painted by Rahul Gandhi or is this yet another false alarm? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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