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Religare Health Insurance rebranded as Care Health Insurance

By Ishika Sahni

Religare Health Insurance policy is now rebranded as Care Health Insurance. It's a Standalone Health Insurance company. They have rebranded the name of the company and it is aimed that they will deliver the best possible care to its customers.

Founding Managing Director and CEO of Care Health Insurance, Anuj Gulati said “We reassure all the employees, stakeholders and partners that our organization will remain the same. Be it the founding management team, technology-driven service capabilities or our bouquet of value for money products, everything will remain the same except the company name.”

Customer policies as policy number, health card, cashless network, etc. are unchanged. Care Health Insurance will continue offering products in the retail segment, top-up coverage, personal accident, maternity, international travel insurance and critical illness. However, now no time limits have been announced regarding Initial Public Offer (IPO). Religare insurance has seen the first-year premium at Rs. 713.12 crores in this financial year till July, this was the data from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

Rashmi Saluja, Executive Chairperson, Religare Enterprises said “'Care' has been the guiding for all the work for customer initiative in claims administration, technology development, products design and customer services. Considering the motive, the new identity 'Care Health Insurance' represent the company perfectly and initiates us to do best for our organization.

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