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Restaurant collapsed in China, killed 29 people.

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

By Ritika Nath

A village restaurant collapsed in China during an 80th birthday celebration of a resident in north China’s Shanxi province, killed twenty-nine people and twenty-eight others got injured and wounded, as stated by the local authorities on Sunday.

According to the rescue team, the tragedy occurred on Saturday at around 9.40 am when relatives and acquainted fellow villagers of the celebrant were attending the occasion at Juxian restaurant in Chenzhuang village in Xiangfen County.

By Sunday, the rescue work for the collapse was successfully completed in the early hours.

State-run Xinhua news agency reported that among all the invitees and the other people present, twenty-nine of them were confirmed to be deceased, seven people got heavily injured and the other twenty-one people underwent minor and slight injuries.

The members of the committee also claimed in a statement that the collapse would be investigated and it would be supervised by The Work Safety Committee of China’s State Council.

The board also demanded the Shanxi’s provincial government in power, to immediately start the investigation of the catastrophe, and to release the result of the investigation to the public after the approval of the committee.

On Sunday the province decided to set up a special task force for the investigation so that they can scrutinize this tragedy and bring those responsible to justice.

In this modern era, China has been very keen and responsible when it comes to improvements in the industrial safety, but some of the times, particularly in the suburb and rural areas building standards and industrial safety, are taken very casually and that’s why it gets breached and ignored.

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