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Return of the genius. Read to know more!

By S Sai Jagannath

What if I say it took a few minutes for Cristiano Ronaldo to defeat CoronaVirus. You would say "Nah that's impossible" or "it's crazy" but the reality is what Cristiano has done is crazy. He returned with an awestruck performance against Spezia.

The 35-year-old scored a goal 59 minutes in from the game and later converted a penalty taking his team's tally 4-1 against Spezia. He was firing with his powerful shots at Spezia's defence. The Barca match was a big upset for Morata who's 3 goals were declared offside. He gave a dream start in the 14th minute of the game beating Spezia's defence. And as the Goat entered in the second half he scored 2 goals within 20 minutes with his last goal being a penalty he announced his return in style.

Juventus coach was not happy regarding the no of chances they created in the first half and still were at a level during halftime. He said, "we need to be more ruthless". Spezia started the second half quite good but wasn't good enough to stop Cristiano. This is the first season in Serie a for Spezia. Juventus have drawn their previous 3 matches in the Serie a excluding the walkover against Napoli. Juventus are currently on 3rd spot with 12 points in their bag and look stronger than ever with Cristiano's return to the side.

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