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Russia created the vaccine for coronavirus, will be distributed in the world by October

Coronavirus created a huge setback for the entire world. Its cure was what everyone was waiting for impatiently. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 21 clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine are going on in the world right now. Russia is the front-runner in this race of coronavirus cure. Russia is all set to register its vaccine on 12 August 2020. It will be the first vaccine of coronavirus. If the last phase of the trial of the vaccine went successful, it will be distributed in the world by October 2020.

The vaccine is expected to increase the immunity power of the person which would help in fighting the coronavirus. Its side-effects would include fever which could be easily treated with Paracetamol. However, countries like Britain and America have raised several questions about the effectivity of the coronavirus vaccine. Hopefully, all the questions will be answered when Russia would reveal the scientific data of the trials.

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