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Russia trying to subvert trust in mail-in voting, alert US homeland security

By Suvan Bose

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is cautioning that Russia is trying to subvert Americans’ confidence in the validity and security of mail-in voting.

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On Thursday In a bulletin labelled “For official use only” distributed, the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis stated that Russia was “likely to continue amplifying criticism of vote by mail and shifting voting processes amidst the Covid-19 pandemic to undermine public trust in the electoral process.”

The bulletin stated that in mid-August, Russian state media outlets and proxy websites published censure of extensive mail-in voting asserted unsuitable voters could get ballots due to out-of-date voter rolls, leaving an enormous amount of ballots unresolved for and susceptible to meddling. Since March it’s said that Russian outlets also desired to subvert confidence in mail-in voting processes, affirming that they arrange wide opportunities for voter fraud.

The bulletin told Russia is probable to increase trolling by publicizing allegations of US election system corruption, failures and foreign malign hindrance to subvert public trust in US elections. It esteemed that subsequent the Iowa session earlier this year, Russian outlets asserted that the result was “fixed in favour of establishment candidates” and that voting system issues had resulted in “ballot manipulation”.

The Department of Homeland Security had no instant comment. Russia has declined to meddle in US elections. Adam Schiff, the Democrat who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, stated the bulletin approved his bother that Russia is pursuing to “sow distrust in our democratic process.” By aggressing US mail-in ballot probity, Schiff stated, Russia is resonating destructive and false narratives through a vote by mail that President Trump and his arrangers, along with Attorney General (William) Barr, have been intensely promoting.

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