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Samyukhta Hegde heckled for 'public indecency' by Congress leader

By Anwesha Padhi

In a shocking event of apparent moral policing, Kannada actress Samyukhta Hegde was reportedly attacked by Congress leader Kavitha Reddy for dressing inappropriately in the public.

The incident took place in a park by the Agara Lake in Bengaluru. Ms. Hegde and three of her friends were working out in the park when Ms. Reddy started abusing the group for wearing a sports bra in public. Ms. Hegde has also accused the Congress leader to have physically attacked one of her friends and saying that the girls were doing “cabaret dancing”. Ms. Reddy was later joined by a number of men who also started hurling abuses at the group.

The actress took to Twitter on Saturday and posted videos as evidence to her claim, tagging the Bengaluru police. She later posted another video on her Instagram handle to communicate the happening to her followers. Ms. Hegde also said that despite solid evidence in their favour, they have allegedly been asked to put out an apology and “not create a scene”. Ms. Reddy called it a “cheap publicity stunt” and tweeted that she wasn’t bothered about the same. Ms. Hegde, on the other hand, is yet to file a police complaint.

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