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Saudi Arabia is going to allow all countries to fly over its skies.

By Ritika Nath

Saudi Arabia announced that flights to and from the United Arab Emirates ‘from all countries’ would now be able to fly over their sky and use their airspace, on Wednesday. A statement after the country let the first direct Israeli commercial passenger flight use their airspace to reach the UAE.

The statement did not refer to which countries rival Saudi Arabia is currently boycotting, whether its Iran or Qatar, no one knows. It might be an allusion to start the commercial flights from Israel to the UAE, as to be commercially operable-any direct flights connecting both the nations are bound to use the airspace of Saudi Arabia.

At the beginning of the week, the U.S. president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, with a high-grade Israeli delegation flew to the United Arab Emirates in the first direct commercial passenger flight which connected both the nations, a Star of David emblazoned on the jet’s tail. The aeroplane passed over the skies of Saudi Arabia, signalling an agreement for a breakthrough of the U.S-brokered deal and to anneal the relations of UAE with Israel.

The Saudi Press Agency commented that the move comes in reciprocation to a ‘request by the UAE’ for flights to and from the country.

After the release of the statement from Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the flights of Israel from all other countries and destinations can now fly directly to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, departing from Israel itself. But he made no comments and references about the direct flight from Israel which flew over the airspace of Saudi Arabia.

The Israeli P.M. also stated in a video statement released by his office that this announcement would now benefit the tourism and their economy as it would result in the reduction of the flight cost and the travelling time would now get much shorten.

He also said that this is the start of peace among the Arab countries.

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