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Several unemployed youths deceived by a trio! Read to know more.

By Neha Mallick

The Delhi Police have caught a commotion of a corrupting trio who tricked unemployed youths who were in search of employment by contending them to provide jobs for the Central Public Works Department with the help of a phoney website.

A trio has been held accountable and implicating proof has been confiscated concerning the case by authorities connected with the police department in South Avenue. As per the Police statement, the three indicted established a phoney Central Public Works Department website to entice fatalities. They also administered fake examinations and provided notional interviews to the victims of their trap. The case came to attention when the Central Public Works Department’s Deputy Director-General of e-Governance filed a case regarding this at the South Avenue police department. A team overseen by Station House Officer, Suhaib Farooqui inaugurated an analysis into the case. Preliminary cyber research of the fraud website directed the police to a contact number belonging to some ‘Ramdayal’. Specialized supervision of the contact number disclosed that the indicated were supposed to visit MahipalPur on 12th of October. The authorities set the bait and held captive the trio namely the members were Amit Kumar (aged 27), Ramdayal Lal (aged 28) and Gurdeep(aged 28).

During the inquiry, the indicted culprits in a group of three accepted their criminal offences and admitted to the operatives about their entire procedure in which they executed their plans. Amit Kumar, a dropout of third-year engineering was detected to be the boss man of the commotion. He confessed to the authorities that his father’s ill-timed death in the year 2015 compelled him to give up on his studies and work in a call centre. He later quit his duty at the call centre and started labouring as an attendant at a toll booth for a comparatively nicer salary. He later owned up to say that he had to get wedded because of his family expectations and burden but ended up faking himself to his in-laws as an engineer of the Central Public Works Department. He also got a phoney identity card specifically made for this basis. In the year 2018, he hired a network architect from Lucknow to establish a phoney website for CPWD and then started using it to trick the nominees who were in search of employment.

After the closure of the website, he got familiar with Ramdayal Lal and Gurdeep who are both inhabitants of Rajasthan’s Sri Ganga Nagar, through a webpage for columnists. Amit Kumar claimed himself as a Project Manager in the Central Public Works Department based in Kerala and asked the other two to create the phoney website and fake identities for themselves. The Delhi Police examined the price medium and the bank summary details linked with their phoney webpage and came to find out that the three indicted men have tricked over 50 unemployed youths all over to take under an amount of 10-12 lakh rupees through their fraud means. The boss man, Amit Kumar, also owned a car and a piece of territory in Lucknow from the profits of their corruption. All the three indicted have been presented before in the court and sent to authority supervision. One team of the Delhi Police Department is on their way to Uttar Pradesh to regain the profits from corruption attained by Amit Kumar. At the same time, another team of officers have left for Rajasthan to confiscate proof from the residences of Ramdayal Lal and Gurudeep.

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