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Sexual Health Day: Positive sexual health around the world

By Ishika Sahni

World Sexual Day came on September 4, 2010. It is celebrated to create awareness about sexual health. It is managed by the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS), a global advocacy organization announced to promote best practices in Sexual Health.

Sexual health is defined as a state of physical, social and mental well-being in relation to sexuality with having a safe and respectful sexual experience, free from the violence. As things affect women and men differently, the same existing situation is happening with women and girls differently and the minority population group like LGTBIQ and immigrants are also suffering from different conditions. In this time of COVID19, women and girls are at high risk of intimate partner violence, sexual abuse and also from family violence. They are also facing some other forms of violence like gender violence, abuse and sexual exploitation in these situations.

The theme of World Sexual Day 2020 was ‘Sexual pleasure in Times of Covid-19’. This theme requires a positive and respectful perspective on sexuality and sexual relationships. Everyone needs a pleasurable and safe sexual experience with free of coercion, violence and discrimination. Sexual health is a basic thing for the overall individuals, couples and families for the development of the country. The current world situation is much disrupted; we all have to take special care of hygiene and social distancing. Due to the coronavirus, health, social and economic consequences after de-escalation of the measures mentioned normalising life.

In many countries, Corona Virus came at different times and every country's government dealt with it with different measures but in the society, there are different types of effects on sexual health, sexual relationships, family relationships and on mental health. Economic problems also disturb the people as many people lose their jobs which creates a disturbance in relations too. Sexual health and rights are a major health problem, and we need to give special attention to this issue. That’s why The World Association of Sexual Health will focus on people's attention to their protection and on promoting gender equality and respect for sexual diversity.

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