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SHOCKING! Famous Bollywood director accused of sexual assault!

By Anwesha Padhi

Actor Payal Ghosh has made a major accusation of sexual assault against Bollywood director, Anurag Kashyap. Claiming that Mr. Kashyap had molested her a few years ago, the actor has said that though she had finally come out after having spent her days in fear.

Ms. Ghosh said that she initially connected with the Bombay Velvet director on Facebook in 2014-15, following which she met Mr. Kashyap for the first time, regarding work. On her second visit, Ms. Ghosh met him at his house. She alleged the director took her to a separate room and started playing an adult video. He then, reportedly, tried to force himself on the actress.

Ms. Ghosh made the revelation on her Twitter handle and asked the Prime Minister's office to take action against the director. She also added that she was aware that her "security is at risk" but wanted the country to know "the demon behind the creative guy".

Ms. Ghosh was supported by Panga actor Kangana Ranaut, who also asked for official action against the director. Mr. Kashyap lashed out at Ms. Ghosh on the platform itself, saying that her allegations were "baseless".

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