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Shocking: New chats in SSR death case slash suicide theories

By Anwesha Padhi

In a case that seems to be convoluting further into revelations every day, the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput seems afar from closure. In the middle of constant reportage, Mr. Rajput's chats, accessed by Republic, for what looks like an e-commerce brand endorsement deal from June 9 and a follow-up of the same on June 14, has now come forth.

The chats from June 9, four days before the actor passed away, show that he was in discussions with his friend for an e-commerce brand deal. A follow-up of the same was made by Mr. Rajput's house help, Dipesh Sawant on June 14, the same day the late actor was found hanging in his room. The chat timed at 10:51 A.M. furthers suspicion as it coincides with the apparent “panic” raised on account of the actor not opening his door.

The “suicide” theory behind Mr. Rajput's death, hereby, stands nullified to a great extent with the revelation of these chats, raising serious suspicion as to why the actor would look for work engagements prior to taking such a drastic step.

Meanwhile, the CBI is investigating the matter with actor and Mr. Rajput’s former partner, Rhea Chakraborty being a prime suspect.

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