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Shocking news: Mice ate the ears and lips of a woman’s dead body

An extreme case of neglect and irresponsibility was seen in Mohali, Punjab where the lips and ears of a woman’s dead body were eaten off by mice while being kept “safely” in the mortuary of Indus International Hospital.

Recently, a piece of shocking news came forward from Mohali, Punjab. A woman’s dead body was kept in the mortuary whose lips and ears were eaten off by mice. This is a case from the Indus International Hospital. The woman’s dead body was kept “safely” in the mortuary where no one knew that it was being feasted on by mice. This was an utter case of sheer neglect. It created a huge issue where hospital management was mortified. Later, police were called in the hospital.

According to the English newspaper “The Tribune”, a woman named Jasjot Kaur was admitted to the Indus International Hospital two days before for heart surgery. Dr. Basant, who was treating the woman claimed that she died just one day before the day of her surgery and that is why her dead body was kept in the mortuary of the hospital. The next morning, when the family of the woman came, they found out the white sheet covering the dead body was stained with blood. On further inspections, it was clear that the lips and ears of the dead body were badly eaten by mice. The hospital management did not have an answer to justify this accident.

Retired Colonel Amarjeet Singh Chandok is the husband of the late Jasjot Kaur. He alleged that the cooling system of the mortuary was not working. He also pointed out that he was doubtful of the removal of the internal organs of her wife’s dead body. He complained about this incident to the local police.

Later, the dead body was transferred to another hospital where a post-mortem will be done. Mr. Praveen Kumar, the manager of the Indus International Hospital, said that the chances of mice-infestation in the mortuary were high since it was in the outer side. He stated of conducting a thorough investigation.

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