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Shocking statement by Shruti Hassan

There have been shocking facts unveiling throughout a longer time now in the Bollywood industry.

Hardly a day passes without the statements that leave us in dark thinking.

Amongst this, Actress Shruti Hassan has accepted the fact that she is an actress and working in the films is due to her father Kamal Hassan.

She fearlessly answered that her being the actress and existence in the Indian Film Industry is purely because of her surname. The doors into big films have opened due to her roots and background.

She also said if she would deny from the same it would be similar to a sin.

These type of statements have started to make rounds in the country after the demise of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Since then the starkids are questioned and targeted by the audience every other day on their accomplishments.

The reactions of different celebrities shall be worth watching over this statement of the actress.

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