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Son of US president blames Harris for not supporting her own Indian community, an opportunity.......

By Suvan Bose

Son of US President Donald Trump, Eric has accused Senator Kamala Harris, happens to be the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate, and has completely run away from the Indian-American community.

Harris, 55, is the first black, African-American and Indian-origin person to have been nominated by a leading political party as its vice-presidential candidate.

Eric Trump, the second son of the president, blamed Harris of not supporting herself with the community at an occasion in Atlanta early this week at the official launch of Indian Voices for Trump, wherein he blamed the opposition Democratic Party of falling under the power of the assertive left.

You just look at Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is of Indian descent and she does completely avoid her own community, Eric stated in his view to the Indian Voices for Trump.

Indian-Americans have generally been supporters of the Democratic Party. Still, Trump, with his comprehensive outreach, has made a huge mark into this traditional vote bank, according to a recent survey.

The nomination of Harris as the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate has created excitement in the Indian-American community. Still, several members of the community have stated their worry over many of her policies and that of the Biden campaign.

Harris in her speeches, along with her remarkable mention at the Democratic National Convention, hardly forgets to state the deep influence that her Indian mother Shyamala Harris had on her life and how her raising prepared her for the role she is pursuing today.

In her social media posts, the vice-presidential candidate has also mentioned the deep influence on her of India’s freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi that was based on the philosophy of non-violence, truth and peace.

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