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Sonu Sood offers scholarship to honour his mother

By Ritika Ray

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been a total gem during this pandemic. The entire nation is now a great fan of Sonu Sood for his big heart. Over the past months, he has helped thousands of people to return home who were stuck in various parts of the country.

Many people reached him on social media and he helped them in every possible way. Even before Ganesh Chaturthi, he helped workers to visit their homes during the festival. Now, he has decided to help the unprivileged children as well. Since all schools and colleges have started their online classes there are many students who are not able to pay fees and don't have smartphones to attend classes.

Knowing this Sonu Sood decided to start a scholarship program in the name of his mother Saroj Sood. The Program will help the unprivileged children to get the education they need. He collaborated with universities across the country so that he can offer the scholarship for children who cannot afford to pay fees.

Sonu Sood's mother, Sajor Sood was a professor in Punjab who used to teach for free, and he wanted to honour her. The scholarship will be provided in different fields like Medicine, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Fashion, Journalism, and Business Studies.

He says that any family whose annual income is less than 2 lakhs can apply for this scholarship. And the only thing he expects is good grades. All the other expenses like tuition, accommodation, and food will be taken care of.

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