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Sonu Sood wins hearts again with his kind tweet

Sonu Sood has come up as one of the most loved celebrities in the industry due to the kind and charitable works he has done for the suppressed and poor class. Be it be arranging buses for the migrant workers and sending them to their homes safely or providing food to the needy. Through such kind gestures, Sood has been often seen praised by Netizens.

A similar view was seen when Sonu Sood came across news stating “For his children's online classes, villager sells cow to buy a phone” which clearly mentioned a poor man sold his cow to provide his children a phone in order to support their studies, Seeing this, the actor took his Twitter account and wrote “Let’s get this guy’s cows back. Can someone send his details please”?

In a moment, the actor started getting love yet again from his followers for such a kind gesture.

A user wrote “Your respect has immensely increased in my sight after seeing your work for common public. God Bless You!”.

This clearly reflects that the actor is getting appreciations widely on the entire Web for his kind services.

Trendingindia.live also earlier told its readers about the app, the Dabangg-actor launched for providing employment to the migrant workers, namely ‘Pravasi Rojgar'.

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