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Splashing with otters, flying with birds and going around with Gorillas!

By Smriti Tripathi

BBC Earth has navigated programs spotted with extraordinary stories and outstanding photographs to bring us too close from the natural world. A diversity of creatures, habitats and unusual behaviour have been discovered to viewers for decades, while similarly in light of conservation and care of the planet. In ‘Spy In The World II’, the channel explores fauna across the world- polar, temperate, tropic and ocean — with a focus on a group of animals as its lifelike spy creatures perfect with cameras invade communities.

The four-episode series travels on the popularity of the Spy, keeping it alive in BBC-style clipped pronunciation. Before a few decades, it used robots with miniature cameras to capture even intimate recordings such as how animals respond in pain.

Philip Dalton, series producer and also cinematographer has been a wildlife filmmaker for over two decades, starting with BBC Natural History Unit. Instrumental in developing and handling the professional cameras, his work has taken him to some of the world's remotest locations.

The animations have for eyes ultra-high-definition spy cameras that permit them to shoot the surroundings. Made in labs, the animatronic is a combination of zoology, robotics and art, handled with sensors and are remote-controlled. The designs are mentioned to not put in the mind suspicion of animals and if they do, hard to manage their curiosity.

While it has been affected by suspicion, few spy creatures have been lost over the years. Matthew Gordon has been professionally working in the wildlife film industry for nearly 15 years, producing the ideal Penguins-Spy in the Huddle and Dolphins- Spy in the Pod. This series warranted three years working across the world, from filming chimpanzees in the forest of Borneo to sea otters in Alaska.

With a troupe of three-five people, filming is the most difficult task in the open ocean in winter. However, shooting at world's end in South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic for the earlier series. In our fractured age, it is the spy animals, perhaps that will pull us closest to a wide, varied and non-popular world.

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