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Squad Of Burkha Attired Women Arrested. Know the Reasons!

By Neha Mallick

A squad of four women who were attired in Burkha have been arrested by Mumbai Police for they would seize gold from jewellery shops. The squad used to illustrate themselves as buyers and later sneak away from the shops with the jewellery.

A squad of four women who used to dress up in Burkha and impersonate themselves as buyers to steal gold jewellery from the shops have been arrested. The women belonged from Malegaon, Mumbai. The Police even extricated the car that the gang used to escape from the jewellery stores after stealing the gold jewels. They used to portray themselves as potential buyers and then get away with the next opportunity to run away with the jewels. The specified women are Sajada alias Bashir Ansari(aged 30), Nazia Shaikh(aged 50), Yasmin Khan(aged 35) and Nasreen Shaikh(aged 50) who have been held captive. As per the Police reports, this wasn't their first time in pulling such acts. The women were caught in action even before for stealing pieces of jewellery in Kurla, Mumbra, Bhandup, Hyderabad and Nashik. The squad was arrested after they were caught stealing four bangles priced Rs 2.5 lakhs from a jewellery shop in Byculla on 5th of September.

As surveyed by the Police, out of four women, one would stand outside the store while the other three went inside, all of them attired in Burkhas for exploring the jewels. Later, they would deflect the staff at the counter by looking through the ornaments as if they would buy any. Senior Inspector of Byculla Police Station, Dinesh Kadam stated that “They wore them on the neck, or bangles in the hand and would walk out with ornaments hidden under the sleeve of the Burkha''. After a complaint was filed by the owner of the jewellery store, the police force began scrutiny. With the help of CCTV footage records, their car’s number was tracked down by the police. The ladies maintained specific phone numbers as found by the Police. The previous week, when the women drove into the city in their car, they were locked up by the Police and brought to Byculla Police Station. The four women were then encountered by the jeweller and on being identified, they were held captive.

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