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Struggling with financial conditions, what two men did with a 11 year old child! Read here.

By Manisha Jangir

In Faridabad, two men were arrested for allegedly kidnapping an 11 year old boy. They both were left jobless due to the pandemic and wanted to earn easy money through kidnapping the child. One of the accused is a dog trainer and another one is an AC repairman. The both accused were identified as Sonu and Aman. Aman is an AC repairman while Sonu is a dog trainer, a resident of Kalyanpuri in Delhi.

They both are childhood friends. The two accused had been struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemic and wanted to have quick money through kidnapping. So they both decided to kidnap a child for ransom. Sonu knew the child's mother and proposed the idea of kidnapping him. On October 13, around 6 pm the both kidnapped the child when he went out of the house to take milk. They took him to a Hotel in Gazipur where they kept the boy for three days.

His mother went to the Police station to lodge a missing complaint. The police also checked the CCTV footage of the area and his mother identified the dog trainer, Sonu. She gave his number to the police and followed which a team was sent to his home for investigation. But the Police came to know that he was not at home for the last three days. Sonu’s relative gave his friend's number and then he was located. The second accused Aman was not there when the police reached there but was later arrested.

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