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Super Sonu Arranged Tractor for Andhra Farmer After Watching a Video.

The Pandemic hit the Country very hard, every Indian Citizen is feeling the heat of the plight created by the COVID-19 situation. But it hit the poor people hardest. A tomato farmer in Madanapalle, Chittoor district, is forced to use his daughters for manual ploughing as he doesn't have money to rent bulls. He suffered huge losses last time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The video in which his two daughters pulling the plough by their hands went viral on Twitter.

Netizens started to pour their emotions after seeing the plight of the farmer, many of them requested Sonu Sood to rescue the family of the farmer from this plight. As Sonu Sood previously many times lent his various kinds of support to poor migrants, this time he again took cognizance of this matter and promised to give him a pair of bulls. But Sonu Sood went beyond his original promise and gave the farmer a new brand tractor.

Netizen cannot stop themselves by praising him. They start paying their respect towards him by calling him ‘Super Sonu’, ‘Super Hero of India’, ‘Mashiah of Poors’ and various other titles.

But the story doesn't end here, Even the Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh praised Sonu Sood in his Tweet, and he further took a pledge to take the responsibility of financing the education of the two daughters of the farmer.

One day this pandemic will be bygone, the hardships people are facing right now will be history, but the space in the hearts of common Indians which Super Sonu has made for himself will live forever.

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