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Sushant had bought 4.5 crores flat for Ankita Lokhande, was paying EMIs himself

Rhea Chakraborty, in one of the investigations, revealed that Sushant was not able to throw Ankita out of that flat in spite of bearing the burden of paying the EMIs.

A new fact came to light in the investigation by ED in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. It is reported that Sushant had bought a flat worth Rs. 4.5 crore in Malad whose EMI was being paid by him. That flat is the same in which Ankita Lokhande is residing presently. Ankita was the ex-girlfriend of Sushant. She was seen speaking a lot regarding Sushant’s suicide and requesting for CBI investigation.

Rhea had revealed about all this in the investigation done by the ED. She said that Sushant was unable to throw Ankita out of the flat. Only a few instalments were left to be paid for the flat. The instalments were automatically being deducted from the bank account of Sushant.

In the FIR registered in Bihar by Sushant’s father Mr K. K. Singh, he claimed that Rhea was after Sushant’s money and has done a foul play of crores from his bank account. Investigations regarding Sushant’s property will be carried out soon which is expected to reveal many unknown facts.

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