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Suspicion over efficacy of Russian Vaccine for Covid 19.

Earlier this month, Russia launched vaccine, Sputnik V, for corona virus. However, controversy emerged, when some reports claimed that the vaccine was approved by the Health Ministry of Russia in haste, without going through the final round trial (Phase 3 trial).

But Russia has denied such claims and has already begun the mass production of the vaccine.

Gamaleya Institute of Moscow has confirmed that it will make 5 million doses by the coming December-January.

Amid, serious suspicion about vaccine's effectiveness, Putin had said that the vaccine is safe and his daughter has also been treated successfully with the same vaccine.

The news of the mass production of the vaccine has been given by the Health Ministry, Russia which stated that the country's laboratories have begun the production of COVID 19 vaccine ‘Sputnik V'.

Trump government is already in the cause of taking valid action against Chinese companies in the electronic and social media world.

Trump had earlier ordered the parent company of Tiktok app, Bytedance, to summarize and sell its business in the country within 45 days.

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