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Tap to know who is at risk for "LONG COVID"?

By Sharonya Kundu

Being unwell with COVID-19 for more than four weeks is known as 'Long COVID', it mostly acts on aged people, women, and also those who have comprehensive symptoms in the first week of their sickness.

More than COVID-19 healing, having long COVID is the new apprehensive fright among the patients. Starting from anxiety, breathlessness, insomnia, persisting cold, fatigue to deteriorated quality of life, COVID 'long-haulers' are stepping forward and dividing their painful experiences. Much post-COVID healthcare centers have been opened in cities because there are many people who keep on experiencing symptoms of the disease four to five months after healing from it. About 5% of people with COVID-19 have symptoms for eight weeks and more.

According to research, it has been recognized that there are two groups of long COVID patients. The first group mostly had symptoms like breathing problems, cough, shortness of breath, headache, and fatigue. The second group had symptoms like heart palpitations, brain fog, numbness, and gut issues. It is important for us to utilize the knowledge that we obtained from the first pandemic to lessen the long-term impact of the second. This should open the way for trials of early intrusion to lessen the long-term effects. It has been seen that people who developed long COVID were rather heavier than those with short COVID. People with asthma are in all probability to develop long COVID, but there is no clear link to other health conditions.

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