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The COVID-19 was intentionally made ?

According to a study that was done by a journal that deals at the microbiological level of nature, says that the virus of the corona has changed pattern already around 40-70 years back. The same kind of viruses have been there with the bats and causing them infections from time to time. It has been there in existence for decades.

The virus has come to mankind as a newcomer after evolving but bats are the mammals that have been already living with it. The researchers believe that finding the initiation of the virus pandemic is very sensitive to the context of its containment.

BBC said that the news like ‘The virus was mistakenly poured out by a lab' or ‘The virus was intentionally made' have been hence proved wrong after the study came out.

The panel which studied the same study has the representatives from Pennsylvania State University, British Edinburgh University, and Hong Kong University.

The research has got the eyeballs of the mass set since the shocking revelation of the fact of the virus being there for decades has left people awestruck.

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