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The director of World War Z is ready to direct this famous cartoon into a movie. Learn more!

By Riddhika Chakrabarti

'Thomas and Friends' is a cartoon that started in 1984 and has had 22 seasons. Kids have always loved the cartoon for various reasons. This classic series is well-made and has really beautiful music which attracts the kids, important morals, and well-made model trains. The show started to deteriorate since season 8 when the show was made too childish but it picked up pace in season 17 and gained fandom yet again. The characters are attractive, there are hilarious moments, and the list goes on. Nowadays talking about this animation brings loads of nostalgia.

Thomas and Friends ended in 2019 after almost 28 years of screening. Lately, it was confirmed that Mattel Films has teamed up with 2Dux and is making a movie on the previously animated cartoon Thomas and Friends. Marc Foster who is the director of the 2013 film 'World War Z', has taken over for the direction and co-production of the film. It was also straight-forwardly mentioned that this movie will have a mixture of both live-action and animation. Mattel Films has made films like Hot Wheels, American Girl, Masters of the Universe, and Thomas and Friends will be a worthy addition to the list. Alyssa Hill and Jesse Wigutow will be taking over the script. Foster also mentioned that he is honoured and excited to be working with Mattel Films on this golden journey and valuable property of Thomas and Friends. He is overwhelmed to be a part of this legacy.

This is overwhelming news for fans from all over the world. The Legacy shall continue. Stay tuned for more updates.