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The epicentre of the pandemic claims it wasn’t the first country where the coronavirus broke out!

By Anwesha Dash

China claims that though it was the first country that reported about the coronavirus, it isn't the home to the virus contrary to the common belief that the virus broke out in the Wuhan region of China.

In early 2020 China reported a virus that had flu-like symptoms but more deadly and morbid than it. And since the first few cases of the virus came from the Wuhan region of the nation it was believed that the virus came from the illegal wet markets of the said region. Most probably from a bat that is a delicacy in the region. The virus claimed nearly 90,000 lives in China. When the disease was proved to be contagious bans were placed all over the country. Travel bans and bans on gatherings, socializing, and whatnot. Everyone was asked to wear a mask, sanitize regularly. With all these strict restrictions China had everything somewhat under control. But when China started to return to a semblance of normalcy, other nations suffered tremendously. The virus had reached other nations, most probably through the tourists as its carriers. Claiming and besmirching Italy, Spain, Germany, and South Korea in its wake. Then the morbid virus was declared a pandemic in early March. And now after more than 6 months after this declaration, the virus has touched almost every nation, kingdom, and island with the U.S, India, and Brazil being the most devastated by the virus respectively.

All through these 6 or 7 months, the one factor that has remained unaltered is the detestation that every other regime and citizen felt towards China, who is believed to have concealed the actual chronology of the events involving the identification and spreading of the virus. Most people believe that the strict Communist government lied or at the very least manipulated about the actual dates of the spreading and breaking out of the virus. On Twitter, the #Chinaliedpeopledied campaign was on trend for quite a few days. Some politicians and world leaders directly backlashed at the nation and some inconspicuously.

Now after shouldering all these blame and accusations without any official statement for so long the nation recently has challenged all these claims and said that though it was the first nation to have first reported on the case, it isn't the home to the virus because it had already broken out in different parts of the world. This statement was given out by China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying. This statement also goes against the theories of COVID-19 being a biological weapon intentionally made by the orders of the Communist regime in the labs of Wuhan.

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