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The first James Bond passes away at the age of 90! His legacy shall go on!

By Riddhika Chakrabarti

Sean Connery who was a Scottish actor and was best known as the actor who gave birth to James Bond in films. He was the first James bond or 007. Other than his role as the legendary James Bond, he also worked in The Untouchables for which he received an Oscar, The Rock, The Name Of The Rose, Entrapment, Indiana Jones, etc.

Sean Connery till date was considered the best to have played the role of James Bond. The actors who have played Bond most recently include Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. The late actor's son informed ABC that he was not keeping up very well and died peacefully while he was asleep. The producers of James Bond namely Michael G. Wilson, and Barbara Broccoli mentioned that this was terrible news and he will never be forgotten, and will always be remembered as the actor who brought James Bond to life every time he said " The name's Bond... James Bond ". Sean Connery was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II back in 2000. The actor, after years of wonderful work, returned in 2005.

Sean Connery was a Legend and has given us films that will remain unmatched. He might not be with us today but, his legacy goes on forever. May he rest in power. Stay Tuned!

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