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The immune response against coronavirus detectable up to seven months post COVID!

By Sharonya Kundu

The immune response against novel coronavirus sticks to a classic pattern with a rapid increase within the primary three weeks after symptoms, and detectable up to seven months post contracting the disease, according to a new study in which evaluated 300 patients infected with the virus and 198 post-COVID-19 participants.

According to the indagation, produced in the European Journal of immunology, the members had antibodies with confirmed neutralization pursuit for up to six months post-infection with the coronavirus. The scientists observed the antibody levels of over 300 hospital patients, doctors, and healthcare workers, 2500 university staff, and 198 post-COVID participants. They elevated a private sensitive specific and flexible COVID serology test.

The study disclosed that 90 percent of subjects have detectable antibodies up to seven months post contracting COVID-19. It also found that age was not a surprising factor in levels of antibodies processed, but disease severity is. The researchers believe the next months will be critical to evaluate the strength of the immune response to coronavirus infection and to find clues for questions such as the duration of spreading antibodies and the change of reinfection.

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