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The second debate between Trump and Biden stands to cancel, know why?

By Kunika Chaudhary

3 presidential debates were scheduled between the candidates before the election. The second debate which was scheduled for 15 October- stands to cancel due to Trump's medical condition.

Many officials of the white house were found infected with the dangerous virus in the last two weeks. Unfortunately, President Trump is one of them. Currently, he is back in the white house and receiving his treatment. Everyone is aware of the first debate between Trump and Biden which took place on 29 September 2020. After that debate two debates were left which were scheduled for 15 October and 22 October 2020. Trump's health situation is still not clear to all citizens whether he is still infected or not. The Presidential debate commission tried to change the format to a remote one because of the President's health condition. On the other hand, Trump has rejected all proposals and have decided to continue signature rallies in Florida on Monday.

According to a commission official, this is the first time in the seven decades when the presidential debate is suspended. Trump's campaign proposed to have a one-on-one debate on 29 October 2020 without the interference of the commission on which Joe Biden didn't hold back. The Democratic candidate said that he will not show up for the debate unless Trump had a mask on, he has declined the debate by saying that no debate can happen without the commission's interference. He also added that this is shameful that Trump has ducked the only debate where voters can ask the question to candidates freely. Everyone is looking forward to the only debate left before the election which is scheduled for 22 October 2020. That debate will determine which candidate has more potential to serve the country right.

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