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The world’s strongest typhoon makes landfall in this Asian country!

By Anwesha Dash

Typhoon Goni, the world’s strongest typhoon is moving towards the Philippines, confirms NASA Worldwide.

In the year of disasters, just days after a natural calamity befell two European nations; another disaster is on its way towards rampage. A typhoon which is predicted to be the world's strongest typhoon has made landfall in the Philippines, an island nation. The international airport has been closed and a million people have been evacuated and transferred to safer regions.

Typhoons are an unwanted but common occurrence for the Philippines. The island suffers through nearly 20 cyclones a year. But this typhoon is completely out of the ordinary since it is said to be the strongest and most violent typhoon as of yet. The typhoon has already picked up sustained winds of 225 kilometers per hour as it is. The winds have already taken a vicious form in the eastern part of the island; moreover, experts say that it will be the most catastrophic landfall to record.

There will be more violent winds and heavy rainfall for the next 12 hours in the capital city of Manila until the cyclone passes over the land and exits completely. Hence, the international airport has been closed off for 24 hours. For Sunday and Monday, 20 international flights and 25 domestic flights have been canceled. Many people have fled their homes and may have been rescued before the ultimate damage. This current cyclone comes days after another cyclone called Molave ravaged the country, taking lives and destroying billions worth of crops before making its way towards Vietnam.

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