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This 70-year-old Oscar-winning actor decides to remain optimistic about his disease!

By Riddhika Chakrabarti

Jeff Bridges is an American actor who has been a very well known face in the Hollywood industry for his films. The 70-year-old actor received an Oscar for the 2008 film "Crazy Heart" where he played the role of a drunken singer who finds salvation. Other than that Bridges was also a part of several other films namely "The Big Lebowski" of 1998, True Gift of 2010, Hell or High Water of 2016, Iron Man of 2008, etc.

The actor very recently took to his Twitter account to inform his fans that he had been diagnosed with Lymphoma. In his tweet, he used a dialogue from his film The Big Lebowski where he played the character of The Dude. He said he was completely aware of the fact that this is a serious disease and also expressed appreciation to his family, family, and doctors. He promised to keep his fans updated about his condition. The actor has taken the bold decision of staying optimistic during his tough time.

Jeff Bridges is a very talented actor who has been nominated for the Oscars 7 times. Fans are praying for his quick recovery and to be back on screen with his unreal acting skills.

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