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This actress breaks Tom cruise's Rogue Nation record!

By Riddhika Chakrabarti

Tom Cruise has always been known for his seemingly impossible stunts that he does all by himself. The actor never fails to come up with something new, dangerous, and stunning all at the same time. Tom Cruise till date has never let his fans down.

James Cameron hit film Avatar will have its sequel 'Avatar 2' by the year 2022 starring Kate Winslet, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Stephen Lang. The shooting began back in June 2020. The Titanic actress Kate Winslet is getting some crazy hype after she held her breath underwater for 7 minutes straight.

The last person who did something like this was Tom Cruise in his Mission Impossible Rogue Nation where in one scene he held onto his breath underwater for 6 minutes straight. Winslet broke his record. She also mentioned in one of her interviews that she had to learn how to free dive for Avatar and she in one scene held onto her breath for a good 7 minutes and 14 seconds, but it was incredible. The shooting of Avatar 2 and 3 almost came to an end, which was in New Zealand. The blockbuster film is expected to be released on December 16, 2022.

The first film of Avatar was in 2009, and the second sequel will be released after almost 10 plus years. The fans are going crazy about it.

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