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This country registered its second COVID-19 vaccine!

By Anwesha Dash

Russia nearly a month after the announcement of developing a vaccine has again confirmed registering another vaccine.

As witnessed in the USSR space race, it is worthy to say that Russia is a country with a bit of a competitive spirit. Now after 45 years of the infamous race between the Cold War rivals, the Soviet Union and the United States, Russia seems to have participated in another race but solo this time. This current competition involves making the first COVID-19 vaccine, where Russia seems to be in the lead with one approved vaccine under its belt and another on the way. And ironically, to facilitate the iconic Sputnik 1 satellite, the first-ever artificial satellite sent from Earth and a Russian invention, the first vaccine developed by the country was named Sputnik V. It makes one think whether the Motherland is trying to call for another "healthy" competition.

Reportedly, the Vector Institute in Serbia has developed a two-shot vaccine called EpiVacCorona. The vaccine is in its early stage but has already been approved same as the first vaccine, Sputnik V. This hasty decision-making where the much-awaited vaccine is concerned has brought on quite a lot of criticism from all around the world. Some spectators have even called it "the USSR race all over again".

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, announced this development on Wednesday. Human trials have been conducted on volunteers between the age of 18 and 60 years old. Moreover, the institute claims that the vaccine will provide immunity for about 6 months. But according to experts a broader sample of the study is required with more than thousands of people before it's made widely available.

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