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This country underwent Lockdown again

The coronavirus pandemic is not letting the situations to normalise but making the conditions worse instead.

The conditions have again started to worsen in the Europe.

The country of Spain has imposed the Lockdown yet another time after encountering no improvements in the situations.

Greece has also the raising bars of covid positive cases at a very swift rate. These conditions of Europe are an alarm for the entire world, as European nations are considered stable in wealth and facilities, and their state of worsening conditions of pandemic is a sign of tension for developing nations.

Initially in June, Spain had the deaths turned to number Zero.

There were around 2 lakh 39 thousand 638 cases on June 1st in Spain. The deaths were around 27 thousand. The conditions seemed to be moderate in June but in July the cases' reporting increased to 1000 per day which raised the eyebrows of the authorities. Spain stands with around 3 lakh 52 thousand cases.

Germany is in the second stage of pandemic with more than 2 lakh active cases with more than 9 thousand deaths.

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