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This famous US politician compares Lockdown to Slavery, offensive to many

By Ritika Nath

The United States Attorney General William Barr on Thursday condemned his statements on comparing the Coronavirus lockdown orders to slavery.

Wednesday night at Hillsdale College in Michigan, Barr commented that the lockdown orders are the “greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history” since the time of slavery.

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., the No. 3 House Democratic leader said that the comments made by William Barr were the most outrageous and ruthless ‘tone-deaf’ comments ever made by an Attorney General in history, he also stated that these comments were directly pointing towards equated human bondage with a measure of aiming to save lives, which is absolutely wrong, as reported by CNN.

Clyburn also stated that “Slavery was not about saving lives. It was about devaluing lives, this pandemic is a threat to human life.”

This is not the first time when Barr has disapproved the lockdown orders. There were many instances when he condemned these orders.

He previously also commented that some of the lockdown orders were nothing less than to house arrest; even the US Justice Department has sent letters of concern to several states and county warning that some of their restrictions to contain the Coronavirus might be unlawful and unethical. Statements of interest were also filed by the prosecutors in several civil cases challenging some of these stay-in-home restrictions.

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