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"This is bullying", Dhoni alleged for mocking the game!

By S Sai Jagannath

The iconic Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is mostly known for his calmness and authenticity towards the game was trolled for his inappropriate behaviour recently.

In a match between CSK and SRH on Tuesday, a ball bowled by Shardul Thakur was outside the off stump of SRH's batsmen Rashid Khan. Reiffel who has played 35 tests for Australia was Umpiring, when bowled Reiffel stretched his both arms wide till shoulder height until Dhoni started protesting. Dhoni's protest seemed to impact the umpire's judgment, that's when Reiffel changed his mind and the ball was declared a legal delivery. It costed Hyderabad in their unsuccessful run chase of 168.

The incident drew attention from viewers around the world leading to some controversial comments. Various Twitter users described the incident alleging Dhonis domination over umpire and calling it as "absolute mockery of the game". While commentator Ian Bishop characterized it as a fault of the umpire. "He was calling it wide, looked at Dhoni and changed his mind," Bishop said.

"I am very sympathetic towards the umpires as they do a tough job, but tonight Reiffel made a mistake" he added. Hyderabad captain David Warner seemed to be upset from the dugout regarding the umpire's decision. It has previously come into a discussion of how Dhoni has been mocking umpires with his unacceptable dominance over the field. It was not much time ago that Dhoni went on the ground during his team's batting without having any role on the pitch but to protest against a decision given by the umpires.

While Twitter took this wildly, Harbhajan Singh just laughed at the incident. With the last match, Dhoni-led CSK attained two crucial points surviving for another day in the tournament. SRH and CSK are now tied with 6 points each and occupying 5th and 6th position respectively.

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