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This is what happened to pregnant women when she got hospitalised with COVID-19 infection

By Ishika Sahni

Pregnant women who had COVID-19 infection can face a huge risk of preterm delivery, suggested by a new study from the Centres for Disease Control Prevention (CDC). Something odd can appear with the expecting lady with infection.

Recorded preterm deliveries were 12.6% of pregnant hospitalised women. Preterm delivery is three times difficult than in asymptomatic delivery. Preterm newborns might be having COVID19 illness risk. The study also shows that many pregnant women might not develop any symptoms. If the virus was early identified in pregnant women helps the doctors to use personal protective equipment and also do some preventive measures for her well being.

The infected women should not come in contact with any other infected patient. To understand the effect of COVID19 infection effect in a pregnant woman, the team studied 598 hospitalised patients from which 55% had no symptoms, 16% were in a very critical situation, 8% were on a ventilator,2% lost their pregnancies and 1% died. Pregnant women are at high risk of COVID19 infection.

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