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This new COVID-19 test can be performed at the bedside. Know how!

By Tanisha Jindal

Researchers have developed a new rapid test lab-in-a-cartridge testing device for the detection of the novel coronavirus in less than an hour. It doesn't require any laboratory and can be performed at the bedside and can be performed in cartridges smaller than the phone.

According to a study led by Imperial College London scientists, published in the journal of The Lancet Microbe, the 90-minute high-speed COVID-19 testing device showed to have over 94 percent sensitivity and 100 percent specificity. That means it has a high level of accuracy and produces very few false negatives and no false positives.

For performing the test, a paediatric-sized nose swab from a patient is inserted into the device. Then, the device looks for the traces of genetic material belonging to the SARS-CoV-2 or novel coronavirus, which causes the infection.

Currently, the test is practiced across eight London hospitals. Further, it is due to be rolled out at a national level in the UK as data proceeds to be gathered from the testing device for steady assessment. Also, the UK government placed an order for 5.8 million of testing kits recently, as per Imperial College London.

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