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Three MLAs have been diagnosed for Covid-19 tests in Delhi

By Bhumika Bansal

Girish Soni, Pramila Tokas and Vishesh Ravi are the MLAs who have found positive for COVID-19.

Approximately 180 cases had taken place yesterday at Delhi Assembly. Three MLAs Girish Soni, Pramila Tokas and Vishesh Ravi were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the tests performed at Delhi's Legislative Assembly.

According to Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel, till date, three AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) MLAs, a journalist and three staff members of the Assembly have been diagnosed with coronavirus. The Speaker alerted that two MLAs had undertaken RT-PCR test on Friday and were diagnosed yesterday. They banished the House as soon as their report came.

The one-day session of the Delhi Assembly took place yesterday. Including Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, an estimate of eight Delhi MLAs has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The detected names are Rajesh Gupta, Rituraj Govind, Virender Singh Kadian, Ajay Mahawar, Surender Kumar, Girish Soni, Vishesh Ravi and Pramila Dheeraj Tokas.

According to the latest information, a total number of COVID-19 cases in Delhi reached a peak of 2,21,533 along with 3,229 new ones and 26 deaths discovered yesterday. The numbers of recent and recovered cases are 28,641 and 1,88,122, respectively. The death rate is around 4,770, according to the Delhi government.

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