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TikTok's acquisition? says Nadella

According to the latest news, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Satya Nadella has said that they are negotiating with the video streaming app on the matter of operating it in the countries of the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The statement came after the discussion held between Trump and Nadella.

Microsoft is looking forward to regulating and buy the legalities of the Tiktok App in the above-mentioned markets.

Microsoft also revealed that it is ready to talk upon the acquisition of the Tiktok app in itself.

Microsoft is world's largest software manufacturing giant and a statement to come from such corporation is attention-seeking especially for the Indian public since Tiktok's ban in the country took place.

The company also quoted that it well understands the concerns of the President and their essentiality.

It would be surprising to see the further take of the App and the software company in the future on the same subject.

Tiktok has also earlier landed up in troubles and controversies as the allegations of data theft have been consistently imposed on it.

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