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To Check on Fake news And Hate speeches, Will Digital Media Get All Control?

By- Bhumika Bansal

Synopsis: In the affidavit appeal in court, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting media told that there was no need to put down any new guidelines for balancing the journalistic freedom and responsibilities regarding the print and electronic media.

The main government on Thursday urged SC not to jump on any exercise to control electronic media two curb fake news or despise speech as their sufficient regulations to deal with it and if all such exercises were to be undertaken, then it should first adjust digital media which was way faster to communicate and hence cause more damage.

To balance between the journalistic freedom and responsibility in journalism is a field earlier occupied by secretary provisions build by Parliament or the discrement of court said the court will only travel into areas which Parliament. The ministry told that the affidavit was filed in response to the court suggestion that will have five-members in panel and eminent citizens ought to set up to put down with standard governing rising of shows intended to find a specific community.

Form compromising justice DY chandrachud Indu Malhotra and came Joseph had taken a bridge to a TV program with suggested a plot to fill up the civil service with members of a particular community the ministry held that the present petition be confined through one channel and this code may not be undertake the exercise for putting down any guidelines with or without appointment current or a community of a person.

The component in each case of situation shall be decided on case to case base and broader exercise which is general in nature and neither justify not permissible.

Even if this court considered it suitable to undertake it. There is no justification to find this exercise only mainstream digital media includes print media as well as Parallel media namely digital print media and digital webpage based news portal or YouTube channels in addition Over Top platforms.

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