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Trump for the next term?

By Kunika Chaudhary

Republican Party has started its Republican National Convention from Monday which will go on for 4 days. This convention is a great opportunity for Trump to promote his goals, policies and ideas for coming elections.

Republican National Convention had started from 24 August 2020 (Monday) which will continue for 4 days. This convention can be a game-changer for Trump because according to surveys he is losing this election badly, and he has to work hard to be in the game. On the first day, we saw Donald Trump and his running VP Mike Pence although Trump will address the audience officially on the last day of the convention. He still spoke some of his views about how Joe Biden can win the election by false means. Trump is not at all happy with the ‘Post Votes’ method. On Monday Nikki Haley, (Former Governor of South Carolina) and Donald Trump junior addressed the audience. Nikki presented her views on Joe Bidden and his running Mate Kamala Harris by saying that Biden has nothing but failures and if he and Kamala Harris will come in power they will take this country on the way of socialism. She also denied racism discrimination by mentioning her Indian ethnicity.

On the second day, 25-08-2020 (Tuesday) Larry Kudlow, the president chief economic advisor held the command by promoting the economic policy of the government and profits he also assured the audience that America will overcome this pandemic. The second day of the convention was wrapped by Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump. She showed her sympathy towards those who lost their family members and suffering from this pandemic. She added that they are not alone. All eyes will be on the last two days of the convention and what Trump has to say for the whole election situation.

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