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Trump might lose, but he still won?

By Anwesha Dash

Trump, while quite behind Biden, declares “big win” even before ballot counting closes in many significant states.

The whole world is on edge and grabbing onto their seats while watching the most important Presidential election in the whole world, the U.S presidential election. The anticipation and expectation of the election of the world's most important country are so high due to the suspense surrounding it all and also because potentially the choosing of the American President affects the economy and trade globally since it is quite the epicenter of all global activities being a superpower.

But even though the general public is not completely sure of who will win the race, Donald Trump is quite confident of his fortunate fate and has already declared in a ceremony that he has won. This declaration is even more surprising because first of all the ballot counting of many states has not been closed in yet and second of all Joe Biden seems to be leading and has already won the most votes in the U.S.'s election history.

Trump announced that he has won the elections and demands the Supreme Court to stop counting from being counted. As he expressed his gratitude to his wife and children for the support, they along with the crowds were all smiles and cheers. He also said that they were quite shocked to see votes coming in from many unexpected states; hence they "did win the election". Ironically the link for this tweet cannot be shared since Twitter says that it goes against their guidelines for sharing misleading information about the U.S. election.

Joe Biden's team has hit back at this comment and said that stopping voting is "outrageous" and they would drag it to the courts and fight him if need be. Contradicting his opponent's statements, Biden said that counting will not stop until "every single vote" is duly counted.

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