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Trump predicts a massive win for Republicans!

By Kunika Chaudhary

According to Republican candidate Donald Trump, they will register a bigger victory on 3 November 2020 than the victory he had four years ago.

Last voting day is very near and Republican candidate Donald Trump is trying everything with his words so that he can convince people with his ideology and principles. On Saturday President Trump addressed around 4 rallies in the state of Pennsylvania. In his speech he mentioned his accomplishments, which he made in the field of Defence and military. By taking his opponent's name he said that his opponent works for others where he works for the citizens of America. He further said that democratic candidate Joe Biden will destroy their nation and Trump plans to destroy the virus. Trump predicted that the Republican party will register victory with a great margin this time.

The Republican candidate has also advised his supporters to be very very careful' during this crucial time. On the other side, Barack Obama has addressed the citizens of Michigan. He praised the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and said that Joe has the personality along with experience to make this country better. Not many days are left for the 3 November which will be a historic day for the US. On 3 rd November, those people who were not able to vote through the mail will go to the polls and will cast their valuable vote. Till now around 90 million early votes have been registered. This shows the massive interest people are taking in this election.

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