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Trump's shocking statement on Alibaba

Soon, after the spreading of Coronavirus in the world from Wuhan, China. Since then, Trump has been criticizing China and calling Corona virus as ‘Chinese Virus'. Off late, Trump has also started taking actions against Chinese companies.

The strategic and diplomatic relations of USA and China have become poles apart and USA has often been seen putting allegations on China for different reasons.

After the ban of Chinese short video making app Tiktok in America, Trump has increased the wave of fear for Chinese sector companies by giving a shocking word on ‘Alibaba’ website.

He added that US government may increase trouble for Alibaba. Soon, they may take hard decisions over China based companies. All this was recorded in the routine conference of Donald Trump.

Trump government is already in the cause of taking valid action against Chinese companies in the electronic and social media world.

Trump had earlier ordered the parent company of Tiktok app, Bytedance, to summarize and sell its business in the country within 45 days.

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