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Trump's son says Biden is bad for India, know why!

By Kunika Chaudhary

Donald Trump Jr. has been involved with Republican campaigns for the US election 2020 from the start and now he is supporting allegations against Biden.

Donald Trump Jr. addressed a meeting with Trump's advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle. She is currently leading the fund-raising efforts of Trump's campaign for re-election. Trump junior is also leading this campaign. He has launched a book named ' liberal privilege ' and he considers that it is a success. In this book, he talks about the allegations on Biden. During the first Presidential debate, Trump asked Biden why his son ( Hunter Biden) received 1. 5 Billion from China though Biden refused the allegation and this topic didn't go any further as it was a very sudden question and was not part of the debate. Seems like Trump's son wants to present his opinion on the allegation and he published a book on it as well. He addressed his supporters and said that China is a great threat and none else can understand this better than the Indian -American community.

Referring to allegations put by the New York Post he also put the allegation that Hunter Biden received the money and that money is not because China thought he is a great businessman or they thought that they can be bought. He sums up everything and claims that Joe Biden is not good for India. Joe Biden has always refused to support this allegation but according to the Trump Jr., None from the Biden side has stated this allegation.countdown has been started and record-breaking voting is continued. He also said that he understands the Indian American community pretty well. He also appreciated Trump's rally in India with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and considers that as the biggest Trump Rally. Who will represent the nation for next term will be interesting to see after all these allegations, refusal, and acceptance.

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